Stump the Fee!

by Cosmic Bos

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3rd single 'Stump the Fee!' by Cosmic Bos, from the album '7 Billion'
Available to buy online right now
Protest song about the environment and the state of the world in general


Stump the Fee! by Andy Jackson

Billions of years of ice and stone,
Countless lifeforms now used to power cars,
The World is our collected home,
Is it really wise to keep fracking her?
When the earth quakes, our structures break,
And countless loss devourers,
whose gonna pay? whose gonna pay?

They're looking to you,
Then they're looking to me,
And they're expecting us to stump the fee,
While they poison the sky,
And defile the sea,
They are turning to us to stump the fee,

So crash the false economy,
Pull public service funds to save some bacon,

Excess forestry, and fisheries,
Wasting what's been plundered,
For an industry, that stays blame free,
Whilst destroying our home,
How can we allow, the selling out,
Of all our natures wonder,
To a tiny few, it's a vicious screw,
That we won't stand for,

But they're looking at you,
Then they're looking at me,
And they're expecting us to stump the fee,
While they poison the sky,
And defile the sea,
They're still expecting us to stump the fee,

Still they're looking at you,
And they're looking at me,
Forcing us all to stump the fee,
For they're sloppy mistakes,
And inefficiency,
They are expecting us to stump the fee,

copyright Treeman Productions 2016


released November 27, 2016
written by Andy Jackson
performed by Andy Jackson & Chris Mace
produced by Chris Mace
copyright Treeman Productions 2016



all rights reserved


Cosmic Bos Lancing, UK

IDM, spiritual and experimental, mind music for the electronic generation,
Andy Jackson and Chris Mace created Cosmic Bos to explore these very ideas, to help us grow and learn but also have a little dance and enjoy ourselves, there are over 7 billion of us on this planet, it's time to make some music together. ... more

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